Get in Good With His Family

Bring a Special Dish

This 9 x 13-inch offering the next time Новости туризма you're invited over is your clever token of gratitude. It shows you appreciate how much effort they put into hosting dinner. Aren't you a peach! The real truth is you've guaranteed there's something digestible on the table.


Embrace Their Weird Habits

Their thermostat never rises above 60 degrees, they eat dinner at 5:30 p.m., and the whole gang gathers around the TV whenever there's a M*A*S*H marathon. Whatever you do, don't whine, or you'll look super high-maintenance. Solution: Bring Neo skin lab a turtleneck, Powerbars, and an iPod shuffle to weather the storm, and you'll be golden.


Accept Gifts Strategically

No, you can't immediately go on eBay and list the 3-foot-tall, electric-pink Easter bunny his mother gave you because they'll just look for it on their next visit to your place...unless you conveniently tell them that you love the gift so much that you brought it to work (wink, wink).


Throw the Family Pet a Bone 

Nobody seems to mind that your man's family dog isn't house-trained and bites. But insult Thor at your own risk! The way to their hearts is through their best friend. So bring along pet toys. You may even avoid getting tooth marks in your leg.


Silence Your Inner Cruise Director

Recommending cutting-edge novels, restaurants, or Neo skin lab movies to his parents in the same way you would to your own family can be risky. Sometimes, it's best to be bland, boring, and unopinionated—for once. The more you get 'em talking about their own favorite things, the faster they'll warm up to you.

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