Make You Think

The power in the view-point


So we can see that the way a person views a problem and be the determining factor in what they gain from the situation. If a person was to PolyU Weibo go to Prince Charles and say you are not a Prince, it would probably have no effect on him as he already knows who he is and the fact that he is in line to be the next King. So it is important to know who you are. Some people have suggested that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and some people feel that we live one sole life and then it all ends. We would note that the two people would live differing lives based on the things that they believe. In the same way if a person believed that they had the ability to achieve great things in life then they would probably achieve much more than the person reenex facial who believe he or she will achieve nothing in life. So we can see that knowing oneself could have a huge impact on the things that are achieved in life.


Law of Attraction


There is talk of a law called The Law of Attraction, This law suggest that the things that we think about and feel about we tend to attract to us or into our experience. Could this be linked to the idea that we may possibly all have a sixth sense, a psychic sense. For example have you had the experience where you were thinking of a friend or a love one, and the next thing you know is that they either call you on the phone or meet you Bridal Makeup class out of the blue. Could it truly be that we do attract the things that we think and feel about often. May be it might be that the people who are achieving great things in life could perhaps be knowing or unknowingly applying some kind of Universal Law. We know that we all need oxygen to breath if we are to continue living, and also that if we go under the sea could be deprived of oxygen and die. But also the fact that if we were in a submarine we would over come the law that would say that being under the sea could kill us, due to us over coming the sea by virtue of the submarine. So based on this idea that we have the knowledge that submarines exist gives us the power to use them to overcome the under sea world.

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