right now, this life

Let each crane, waiting for the eternal legend, prayer over and over, still is the shadow of ethereal swinging in the wind. The Информция для турагентств Гонконг heart of the tireless eventually have a tired day; Refused to give up the dream, but it will dissipate I wake one day. Just, right now, this life, Hong Kong Land Operators waiting for you in the corner, enron, sleepless.

Light is the eye of the countless, in the lonely night, hand is cool tea cool, but calls no warm feeling. The heart to go far, the lost from the figure, when looking back, when to reproduce, is unknown, for the final may be just one person's pledge of eternal love, the end plan hong kong itinerary of time.

If waiting is life the same time, whether it is no longer important to meet, if really goodbye, gently nodded, and then waved, life without trace, don't leave the hope of an afterlife, love, hate slipping away, calm is a kind of quiet happiness.

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