Seek Self-Actualization

"You make a living by what you get. 

You make a life by what you give."


So said Winston Churchill. Cooperation and apply ielts giving is better for you than competition and taking.


Competitors do not see it this way. To them, making money is an overriding goal so they and their families can live in "style." In the name of money they run in the rat race. When they win and become CEO rats, they wonder why they are depressed and unhappy with their lives.


The reason is simple. They do artas system not have a larger purpose. There is no meaning in the work they do. They are not being helpful to people. They are not givers, but takers. They are not cooperators but competitors.


Cooperators have a vision to serve other people. If they help others by doing what they love to do they eventually reach self-actualization.


Self-actualization is top up degree the highest need in Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:


PHYSIOLOGICAL - Basic living needs, such as food, water, oxygen and sex

SAFETY - Once physiological needs are satisfied, you need to have a home and other forms of security

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